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Survival guide: how to survive a bad day – by Lewis Bull


I’ve written before about escapism and using mental imagery to have temporary relief from stressful situations, but in this piece I will try and write down how to survive a bad day in the real world.

We all have bad days. They’re unexpected. It can be right from the start of the day when you wake up, in the morning, afternoon or evening; anything can start it from an event in the day to something somebody said. It can ruin your day and possibly make your week all the more tough to handle!

Support network

A most important thing to have when trying to survive a bad day. Whilst you may feel you want to run and hide from the world, a supportive network of people to talk too during tough days can be one of the most important things to have in place. A friend or family member who is more than prepared to listen and perhaps dispense advice is an important and wonderful thing to have around you.

A place to go…

…where you can work through your thoughts and calm your mind, preferably somewhere you won’t be disturbed so that you won’t become more anxious, upset or possibly angry thus making your day that much more unbearable.

Go for a walk

Somewhere you find peaceful, breathing in fresh air, listening to the sound of the trees or the ocean can all have calming effects. These have all worked for me, when I start there I try to leave everything behind and I try not to think about what’s bothering me (though admittedly it doesn’t always work) most of the time I come away more calm than when I started.


Whilst I understand it can provoke sad memories, it can also provoke happy memories. It can lift the spirit or raise your mood till you forget you’re having a bad day. Loud, angry music can help get frustration and anger out! Or singing the blues when you just want to feel what you’re feeling!


I have also found reading is a great way to lift my mood when feeling low, reading just a few words from a page had me smiling.

I hope anyone reading this might find new ways to survive a bad day. I know the things I’ve written about aren’t going to resonate with everyone and I wish everyone luck in battling their own bad days.

“Damn situation and the games I have to play with all these things caught in my mind” – Oasis

© Lewis Bull 2017

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