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The Story of Me, Them and Others – by Lewis Bull

In my last post I mentioned that I used character representations for anxiety, depression etc. and in this piece I thought I would talk more about them. My CBT therapist recommended during my sessions that using such imagery can help in dealing with situations that I would find stressful and help make sense of the… Continue reading The Story of Me, Them and Others – by Lewis Bull

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Weary – by Jennifer Nichole Wells

I’m so tired she said and he agreed but what he didn’t understand was the tiredness of which she spoke was not for want of sleep © Jennifer Nichole Wells Note from the author: This poem is about anxiety, depression and just the feeling of being completely overwhelmed and not knowing what to do about… Continue reading Weary – by Jennifer Nichole Wells

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The Road to Nowhere – by Lewis Bull

Life after CBT was always going to be tough, it is for anyone, trying to use the strategies I’ve learnt is very hard sometimes, still expecting perfection from myself and feeling like a failure to those closest to me. Sometimes it’s hard to see something right in front of me and I can see it… Continue reading The Road to Nowhere – by Lewis Bull

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The Spiral – by Niall Madden

Why try you lie I die at night that mind takes flight a cold dream a grip tight the blame lies the tears fly the screams cry    I sigh    I ask why watch the time tick tick tick stop don’t say this tell me that curled up tight lone falling through cracks what happened to… Continue reading The Spiral – by Niall Madden

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Cruel Jailers – by Steve Plowright

Depression or anxiety Which of you holds the key? Are you both my jailers Or are you as one? Feeding like flies on foul-smelling meat, You blood-sucking leeches You cower and cheat! Why don’t you come out with it, Face to Face? Do you want to harm me? Are you trying to protect me? I… Continue reading Cruel Jailers – by Steve Plowright

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My Battle with Generalized Anxiety Disorder – by Katie Gloria

  There is such a large spectrum of ‘Mental illnesses’ that people can be affected by. I am currently suffering with two of these, Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and Depression. I wish there was an easy way of describing how I manage to get through each and every day living with such illnesses but I… Continue reading My Battle with Generalized Anxiety Disorder – by Katie Gloria

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The Black Dog – by Melanie Bee Cee

I was fiddlin’ around trying to accomplish in an hour and a half, a thing that usually takes my whole morning. I didn’t have the luxury this morning to spend it blogging; nor will I have that same luxury tomorrow either. Life is what happens when we are trying to get shit done. Last night… Continue reading The Black Dog – by Melanie Bee Cee

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Hormones and Anxiety Don’t Mix – by Nikki Beckett

  Any female reading this who has gone through or still going through puberty will understand that sometimes, we need to just cry. We need to cry and be sad and just wallow in sadness. This need is sometimes a bit more frequent when you’ve got a mental illness. There’s the danger of wallowing for too… Continue reading Hormones and Anxiety Don’t Mix – by Nikki Beckett

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Stagnation – by B.L. Memee

I cannot move. I cannot stand. I lie and stare and really don’t care. The whispers in my head, get off your butt, you’re hurting yourself, this inaction will only make it worse. I know it’s true. If only I could don’t you think that I really would? I feel frozen in place; I’m stuck… Continue reading Stagnation – by B.L. Memee

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Anxiety, fear and depression – by Lewis Bull

Some might ask why such a dark title for this post, I’ll tell you the reason it was this exact time last year that I finally gave in and signed off JSA for the first time in a long time, I also remember how bleak life seemed to me at the time and how anxiety… Continue reading Anxiety, fear and depression – by Lewis Bull