Dear Anxiety – by B.G.

Dear Anxiety, I shouldn’t even be spending my time, energy, and talent on you right now but it’s time we get something straight. You’ve been trying your hardest for a while now to drag me down, but as you can see, I’m not giving up. I’m kind, talented, loving, and worth a lot more than… Continue reading Dear Anxiety – by B.G.

Anxiety · Poetry

An Open Letter

Originally posted on Jade Moore:
To Anxiety, Shall we begin with where you began? No, first I’d like to ask you about your master plan: Did you hope that I would fall? before I opened my eyes to it all? Did you want to make me scream? enough to make me miss out on my…


Welcome to Letters to the Mind

This blog will be the home of all the contributions to the project and any other information that followers need to know! First of all, if you are here wondering what this project is and why I have set it up, then visit the ‘About‘ page. If you want to get involved, then visit ‘How… Continue reading Welcome to Letters to the Mind