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Worry how you plague us so! – by Lewis Bull


Every person in the world worries about something in their life, eventually the thing that’s worrying us comes to pass then we stop worrying and we’d look back on how silly we were to worry so much. But try being someone who constantly worries before hand and after the event that’s made us worry has been, we pick apart every single detail criticizing everything we had said and done thus creating more worry stress and anxiety.

I’ve written before about trying to live in the moment, I’ve always considered worry as a useful tool that keeps me prepared, playing out every assumed possibility yet when unexpected changes come  I find myself afterwards picking apart everything I did during the event. Aside from critiquing myself I’ll critique what others have said and done, I’ll completely pick apart the entire event sometimes getting annoyed, amused or angry at certain aspects often of which I might not fully understand or just simply not properly remember what had happened.

Worry and stress has also had a physical effect on me by way of weight loss to which was pointed out to me, and how worry and stress show upon my face my mum can walk into the room look at me and say what are you stressing/worrying about? My immediate reaction being how’d you know I’m stressed and worried, “I guess I can’t hide it as well as I thought”.

It’s been put to me how useful worry really is, can I predict events and be totally prepared for them and any chances that follow. How can mulling over events and pulling them apart be healthy? When posed this question I was speechless, upon this realization of how I’ve lived life, I even got a little choked it was one of those moments where I thought damn! She’s gotten there.

I finish by saying living in the moment is hard, fighting every instinct to not worry and be completely overwhelmed by stress and worry.

© Lewis Bull 2016

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