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Mental Health and Relationships by Lewis Bull

Friendships are important. Even more so when you have mental health issues, you can talk to them about things you wouldn’t tell anyone else, unburdening yourself in the trusted ear of your best friends and vice versa. You listen to them about their problems. Relationships with family, especially when they themselves are plagued by mental… Continue reading Mental Health and Relationships by Lewis Bull


Time to Talk Day 2017

The message behind the story of¬†Letters to the Mind is one of talking, having conversations and expressing our true feelings about mental health so that we can help ourselves and others in the process. This year, people are logging their conversations with Time to Change¬†and helping the battle against mental health discrimination. #TimetoTalk Day is… Continue reading Time to Talk Day 2017


Welcome to Letters to the Mind

This blog will be the home of all the contributions to the project and any other information that followers need to know! First of all, if you are here wondering what this project is and why I have set it up, then visit the ‘About‘ page. If you want to get involved, then visit ‘How… Continue reading Welcome to Letters to the Mind