List of wonderful people:

Name: A. R.
Writing to: Various Issues
Contribution: The Life I’ve Lived

Name: B.G.
Writing to: Anxiety
Contributions:Dear anxiety How Anxiety Makes Me Feel
Blog: Getting Through Anxiety

Name: B. L. Memee
Writing to: Bipolar Disorder
Contribution: My Hero, My Nemesis , When Hopelessness Hits , Stagnation , The 4 Faces of Memee: Bipolar Me
Blog: Memee’s Musings

Name: Chad McDonald
Writing to: Bipolar Disorder
Contribution: A Letter to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Blog: CMMcDonaldbooks

Name: Dan Curly
Writing to: Bipolar Disorder
Contribution: Beautiful AnnMarie , Mr. Bipolarman Lovely Paris
Blog: Curley Mania

Name: Jade Moore
Writing to: Anxiety
Contributions: An Open Letter , Anxiety, you are
Blog: Jade Moore 

Name: Jen
Writing to: Anxiety
Contribution: The Days of Disguise
Blog: The Anxiety Chronicles

Name: Jennifer Nichole Wells
Writing to: Anxiety, Depression
Contributions: Headlights, His Name was Depression
Website: Jennifer Nichole Wells; Zine: Fēlan; Blog: topicgenerator

Name: Jenny Marie
Writing to: Anxiety
Contribution: Dear Anxiety
Blog: Peace from Panic

Name: Katie Gloria
Writing to: Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Depression
Contributions: My Battle with Generalized Anxiety Disorder , GAD and the Panic Attack
Blog: Eden-est Natural ; Facebook: Katie Gloria ; Instagram: @katie_simpson121

Name: Lewis Bull
Writing to: Anxiety and Stress
Contributions: The Goblin Known as Anxiety and Stress, Anxiety and SolitudeAnxiety and Friendships, Anxiety and Openly Showing Emotions, Me, them and our mental health Anxiety and its Tricks of the Mind , Worry how you plague us so! , Going Nowhere (Why Me Anxiety?) , The Road to Nowhere , The Story of Me, Them, and Others , Crossroads , Survival Guide: how to survive a bad day
Blog: lewisbull92 Facebook: Lewis Bull ; Twitter: @lewisbull92

Name: Matt
Writing to: Depression
Contribution: Dear Depression
Blog: The Pebble in my Shoe 

Name: Melanie Bee Cee
Writing to: Various illnesses
Contributions: A Letter of Introduction, Unquiet Thoughts , Just Another Day
Blog: Sparks from a Combustible Mind

Name: MPH
Writing to: Anxiety
Contribution: Dear Mr. Anxiety
Blog: The Tarnished Mirror

Name: Niall Madden
Writing to: Depression
Contributions: The Spiral, Spirit
Blog: Writers Recycle

Name: Nikki Beckett
Writing to: Anxiety, Depression
Contribution: Hormones and Anxiety Don’t Mix
Blog: Nikki Beckett ; Instagram: @nikki_beckett

Name: Rosie Elsom
Writing to: Anorexia
Contribution: Dear Eating Disorder
Blog: Positiviteablog

Name: Sarah Waters
Writing to: Scars, Anxiety, CPTSD, herself
Contributions: Scars , A Letter to Myself
Blog: Breaking Sarah

Name: Steve Plowright
Writing to: Depression, Anxiety
Contribution: Cruel Jailers