Childhood Abuse · Poetry

Spirit – by Niall Madden

I found the spirit that I needed It lifted me up from my chair. Paused my breathing. It was raw yet frigid, Clawed at my throat. Though it lacked weight This drink helped me float. It flowed in my glass- mirror Image of myself looking back, Fuzzy like my vision, Blurred like my past. To… Continue reading Spirit – by Niall Madden

Bipolar · Depression · Poetry

Stagnation – by B.L. Memee

I cannot move. I cannot stand. I lie and stare and really don’t care. The whispers in my head, get off your butt, you’re hurting yourself, this inaction will only make it worse. I know it’s true. If only I could don’t you think that I really would? I feel frozen in place; I’m stuck… Continue reading Stagnation – by B.L. Memee

Bipolar · Poetry

Mr. Bipolarman – by Dan Curley

  Dear Mr. Bipolarman, You are relentless and attacking. You are always trying to take the people I love away. You don’t stop there. You try to take everything away but there are some things you can’t take away. You can’t take me away. Every time you hit me, knock me down, hurt me, my… Continue reading Mr. Bipolarman – by Dan Curley

Art · Depression · photography · Poetry

His Name was Depression – by Jennifer Nichole Wells

At night he crept and only at night he moved in the shadows in the dreams of the young You could never see him straight away, but you knew he was there. He was a force that was felt in every fiber of your being. It starts with an itch, just out of reach, then… Continue reading His Name was Depression – by Jennifer Nichole Wells

Bipolar · Depression · Poetry

When Hopelessness Hits – by B.L. Memee

I’ve spiraled down and now I fear what’s on my plate is a fate I did not anticipate. I thought I had an excellent plan that would keep me from residing in your forsaken land. I was wrong. I could not evade the plans you’d already laid. And now I see it rising before me,… Continue reading When Hopelessness Hits – by B.L. Memee

Anxiety · Poetry

A Poem to Anxiety – by B. G.

  Dear anxiety, It was me who traveled to New York for Choir It was me who got through high school It was me who graduated college Yet you still try to make me your fool It’s me who has overcome my fears It was me who won that debate in class It is me… Continue reading A Poem to Anxiety – by B. G.

Anorexia · Eating Disorder · Poetry

Dear Eating Disorder – by Rosie

I hate you for taking over me and making me believe this is how I want to be. Why do I stay with you when all you do is put me down? make me starve ’til I fit into the smallest gown, with the loss of each gram I’m closer to my goal, with your… Continue reading Dear Eating Disorder – by Rosie

Bipolar · Poetry

My Hero, My Nemesis – by B. L. Memee

Oh how I love you and wish you were near when we are together conquering the world is always near! Oh how I hate you and wish I could flee the words you are always screaming at me: Worthless! Hopeless! Unlovable! Inadequate! Boring! Weak! Undeserving! You can be so relentless, so cruel and mean, heartless… Continue reading My Hero, My Nemesis – by B. L. Memee

Depression · Poetry

Dear Depression – by Matt

Wherever I go, you’re not far behind You are the shadow cast over my mind My face is fixed, no twitch no blink I show no emotion, as I come back from the brink It took me time to see through your lies To see the truth hidden in your eyes. I’ve made some mistakes,… Continue reading Dear Depression – by Matt

Anxiety · Poetry

The Days of Disguise – by Jen

Beating…faster…faster My heart is pounding a hundred miles an hour. Cold… So cold… My hands are freezing and feel like ice. Trembling… I’m trembling… I can’t stop this involuntary movement my body is making. My eyes are darting back and forth, From side to side. I take one step after the other, Left foot hitting… Continue reading The Days of Disguise – by Jen