Me, them and our mental health – by Lewis Bull

Me, Them and Our Mental Health - by Lewis Bull | Letters to the MindIn this blog I thought I’d write about what it’s like to have friends who themselves have mental health issues, But I’m not just writing this from my perspective, I’ve asked my friends their views/comments on what they feel it’s like to have friends who are going through the same/similar experiences.

I’ll start this from my perspective, For those who’ve read my previous blogs, you’ll know that until last year I didn’t have any friends that I’d see socially and felt like I didn’t have anyone to talk to, then whilst battling my anxiety I made new friends. At first, I found it hard to control my anxiety whilst around them, my hands would shake and whilst trying to speak would come across aggressive, generally, my confidence around them was just low. I wouldn’t’ve blamed them for just cutting all communication with me yet to my bewilderment they’ve stuck around and when asking for their help when writing this particular blog I’ve been told how much more comfortable and confident I’ve become whilst around them. I think I’ll end this part by saying having friends who’ve been through similar experiences makes them better friends because they won’t quit on you and are better friends because of it.

Here are the statements my friends made for this blog;

Having friends who are experiencing similar issues to you means you can relate to them more and that your not alone in the world. You can be more comfortable when talking  to each other because they have more understanding and can sympathize more than those who aren’t or haven’t been through such experiences.

You’re more likely to be true friends whereas others don’t understand. They don’t judge you and you feel more at ease when around them quite simply they understand more.

It might be easy for me to focus on what might’ve been had I never met my friends but you can’t afford to think about what might have been, You just be aware of what is.

I’d like to thank my friends for contributing to this blog it was much appreciated.

To end this I’ll say I’m sure glad to have friends like I do, I don’t know what I did to deserve you.

© Lewis Bull 2016

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“The way people come into your life when you need them, it’s wonderful and it happens in so many ways. It’s like having an angel. Somebody comes along and helps you get right.” – Stevie Ray Vaughan


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