Welcome to Letters to the Mind,

This is a project that aims to address Mental Health issues by writing to them through the medium of letters, poems, short essays/creative non-fiction and any other forms that contributors wish to write in.

Contributions will be posted on this page and will hopefully become a collection of strong, honest and unique pieces that will inspire others to write to their mental health issue(s) and also, through the process of writing, help people to deal with their issue and to view it in a different way and think about it from a new perspective.

I am Jade Moore and I have anxiety. One of the methods I use to help deal with the problems anxiety gives me is to write poetry about how I’m feeling. The idea for this project arose from writing a poem entitled ‘An Open Letter‘ in which I wrote directly to my anxiety, telling it what I thought and asking it questions. This changed my perspective towards my anxiety and I felt rewarded for having written it.

This is something that I want others to embrace, and together we will create a dialogue through various creative forms that will speak to mental health, confronting it and inspiring others to do the same. Our voices matter, not only to speak to people who can help, but to speak to the illnesses themselves.

Mental Health affects our everyday lives, and has an impact on us as human beings, we need to have an impact back. We all know that the right words from the right person can mean the world, so find the words that speak to your mind, and write them down.


Hi ya’ll,

My name is Brianna Louise or B.L. Memee and I live in California. My ever-present roommate and shadow is bipolar disorder. I lived with a misdiagnosis of major depression for just over ten years before finding a psychiatrist who recognized and understood that my depressive episodes were only a clue to a much larger problem.  Discovering the answer, receiving the proper label and medications was a Godsend in my life. Over the next 13 years I have learned and successfully utilized many tools to make it through to today as a bipolar sufferer, and now find that the largest obstacle to be faced is in educating the people around me who only “know” what they have seen from television and the movies.

I wanted to be a big part of Letters to the Mind because I believe that conversation and education are key to understanding and accepting each one of us as the beautiful, unique individual we truly are. Bipolar is right now a pretty big trigger word and it has in recent years been tossed around as the new word for insane. I am not insane. I suffer from huge mood swings that take me from one end of the emotional extreme to the other.  I am impulsive and I am moody and I may do things that embarrass my family from time to time but I am not dangerous.  These conversations which we hope to showcase on this blog have the ability to loosen the chains and restrictions put upon us by propaganda machines, well-meaning creative storytellers, and the uneducated tongue of passersby.  Write your poem, your letter, your artistic expression, share YOUR story with us and the world so that everyone can grow, adapt and become more understanding and at peace with this wonderful world we live in.


Just two faces of the millions who live with mental illness every day.
Just two faces of the millions who live with mental illness every day.
Contact Jade at: letterstothemind@outlook.com
Contact Memee at: memeethemuse@gmail.com


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  1. This project is brilliant! I love that you are providing a forum for individuals to address their own mental illness demons while fostering a sense of connection and community and simultaneously tearing down stigma. Thank you for working to increase awareness about mental health and for shining a light on the gremlins that would prefer to lurk in the shadows!

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    1. Thank you! The whole crux of this project is exactly that, at the same time as sharing our own thoughts and feelings, we are helping others have an insight. Everyone has a different experience, but this can also be related to. I also want it to be able to help friends and family if people with mental health issues so that they can try and understand better and keep helping the best they can. I know even I have struggled to understand what other people go through, and we can take it completely for granted. Whenever I receive a contribution I read it with an open mind and have so far been very moved by what people have written. It’s a pleasure to be able to share such personal areas of people’s lives, but the positive response is brilliant to have.

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