Anxiety · Depression · Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Cruel Jailers – by Steve Plowright

Depression or anxiety Which of you holds the key? Are you both my jailers Or are you as one? Feeding like flies on foul-smelling meat, You blood-sucking leeches You cower and cheat! Why don’t you come out with it, Face to Face? Do you want to harm me? Are you trying to protect me? I… Continue reading Cruel Jailers – by Steve Plowright

Anxiety · Aspergers · Depersonalization · Depression · Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

The Life I’ve Lived – by A. R.

I am aware that the syntax and grammar would make many cringe. I have not proof-read or edited to include clever memes and eloquent, flowery sentences. It is a very organic, free flow piece of writing and I am content leaving it as such. This is the first time I have ever re-hashed my childhood… Continue reading The Life I’ve Lived – by A. R.