Anxiety and its Tricks of the Mind – by Lewis Bull

In this post I thought I’d reflect upon how having anxiety can cause paranoia when facing certain events or challenges and how this paranoia can cause stress leading to changes in behavior or at its most extreme weight loss. I have faced this particular situation, several years ago I was invited to a family gathering,… Continue reading Anxiety and its Tricks of the Mind – by Lewis Bull

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Lovely Paris – by Dan Curley

I’ve made some wonderful friends through the years who suffer from mental illness. Paris is the best. I read her blog and saw she was young with social anxiety and anxiety. She couldn’t love herself because of the illness and found solace in becoming other people. Paris will one day be the greatest actress ever.… Continue reading Lovely Paris – by Dan Curley

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Stagnation – by B.L. Memee

I cannot move. I cannot stand. I lie and stare and really don’t care. The whispers in my head, get off your butt, you’re hurting yourself, this inaction will only make it worse. I know it’s true. If only I could don’t you think that I really would? I feel frozen in place; I’m stuck… Continue reading Stagnation – by B.L. Memee

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Mr. Bipolarman – by Dan Curley

  Dear Mr. Bipolarman, You are relentless and attacking. You are always trying to take the people I love away. You don’t stop there. You try to take everything away but there are some things you can’t take away. You can’t take me away. Every time you hit me, knock me down, hurt me, my… Continue reading Mr. Bipolarman – by Dan Curley