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Anxiety and Friendships – by Lewis Bull

In my previous blogs I’ve written about how anxiety has isolated me from those around me, in this blog I thought I’d write about getting used to being around new friends, or getting reacquainted with old friends can cause stress and anxiety. As I’ve mentioned in my previous post I’ve not seen my old friends… Continue reading Anxiety and Friendships – by Lewis Bull


Anxiety and Solitude – by Lewis Bull

In my last post I wrote about how stress and anxiety has affected my life, I also touched upon the solitude/isolation that comes along with said anxiety. So I thought I’d write about how I’ve both come to rely on and resent my solitude. My experience started over 10 years ago, Where I would withdraw… Continue reading Anxiety and Solitude – by Lewis Bull

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How Anxiety Makes Me Feel – by B. G.

Often times anxiety has a way of making me feel trapped. While I’m able to do things, anxiety can trick me into feeling as if the opposite is true. Sometimes the fog surrounding anxiety can be so thick that’s it’s hard to allow voices of reason in, such as my father trying his hardest to help… Continue reading How Anxiety Makes Me Feel – by B. G.

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A Letter of Introduction – by Melanie Bee Cee

I have been in therapy a good portion of my life and I don’t have a definitive diagnosis as such.  They keep changing it to suit the therapy group I’m participating with at the time.   I don’t know if they don’t know how to categorize people like me or if it’s ME, because part of… Continue reading A Letter of Introduction – by Melanie Bee Cee

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The Goblin Known as Anxiety and Stress – by Lewis Bull

Though I’ve had anxiety for most of my life it’s not until the past 7-8 years that I’ve really begun to really suffer from it. Four years ago was when it all really started for me, it was within this time that I became ever more isolated with anxiety taking its full control, from things… Continue reading The Goblin Known as Anxiety and Stress – by Lewis Bull


Dear Anxiety – by Jenny Marie

Dear Anxiety, When I first met you, I was just a child. You terrorized me with panic attacks and wouldn’t leave me alone. It was bad enough you entered my life. It was much worse when you visited my nine year old daughter. Picking on children. How dare you! I think you got pleasure out… Continue reading Dear Anxiety – by Jenny Marie

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My Hero, My Nemesis – by B. L. Memee

Oh how I love you and wish you were near when we are together conquering the world is always near! Oh how I hate you and wish I could flee the words you are always screaming at me: Worthless! Hopeless! Unlovable! Inadequate! Boring! Weak! Undeserving! You can be so relentless, so cruel and mean, heartless… Continue reading My Hero, My Nemesis – by B. L. Memee


Dear Mr. Anxiety – by MPH

Dear Mr. Anxiety, Do you know how it feels to sit in the middle of a classroom, worried that everyone behind you gapes at your back instead of the board? Look at how she bends over the desk, like a hunchback, her stomach scrunching over her thighs. Do you know what it’s like to scurry… Continue reading Dear Mr. Anxiety – by MPH

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Dear Depression – by Matt

Wherever I go, you’re not far behind You are the shadow cast over my mind My face is fixed, no twitch no blink I show no emotion, as I come back from the brink It took me time to see through your lies To see the truth hidden in your eyes. I’ve made some mistakes,… Continue reading Dear Depression – by Matt

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The Days of Disguise – by Jen

Beating…faster…faster My heart is pounding a hundred miles an hour. Cold… So cold… My hands are freezing and feel like ice. Trembling… I’m trembling… I can’t stop this involuntary movement my body is making. My eyes are darting back and forth, From side to side. I take one step after the other, Left foot hitting… Continue reading The Days of Disguise – by Jen