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The Spiral – by Niall Madden

Why try you lie I die at night that mind takes flight a cold dream a grip tight the blame lies the tears fly the screams cry    I sigh    I ask why watch the time tick tick tick stop don’t say this tell me that curled up tight lone falling through cracks what happened to… Continue reading The Spiral – by Niall Madden

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Going Nowhere (Why Me, Anxiety?) – by Lewis Bull

Recently life has taken a turn I wasn’t expecting, I never once thought suicide was the way out, though I never acted upon these thoughts, those feelings were there, from what my therapist said my thoughts were archetypal of someone pretty low, on the day I finally let out how I’d been feeling what came… Continue reading Going Nowhere (Why Me, Anxiety?) – by Lewis Bull

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The Black Dog – by Melanie Bee Cee

I was fiddlin’ around trying to accomplish in an hour and a half, a thing that usually takes my whole morning. I didn’t have the luxury this morning to spend it blogging; nor will I have that same luxury tomorrow either. Life is what happens when we are trying to get shit done. Last night… Continue reading The Black Dog – by Melanie Bee Cee

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Unquiet Thoughts – by Melanie Bee Cee

I indulged a – way? impulse? … I’m having a hard time with WORDS.. impulse is good enough … I indulged an impulse of mine and Image Googled the title..and found a 16th?  17th?  heck OLD storehouse of images of sheaves of music, by some long dead musician, which were entitled “Unquiet Thoughts.”  Perhaps the classical… Continue reading Unquiet Thoughts – by Melanie Bee Cee