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For those of you who are more artistic, you can also submit any artwork that you have produced as a way of expressing your mental health. See my post ‘Art as an Expression‘ for more information on this.

If you want to submit art then first of all here are some suggestions:

  • A drawing/painting expressing how your mental health issue makes you feel
  • A moodboard of emotions relating to your mental health issue(s)
  • Art Therapy – Share your mindfulness colouring in with us (you could accompany this with a piece of writing about the experience/mindfulness)

To submit art you will need to make sure you have a digital copy, so this will require either taking a photograph (make sure the artwork is clear) or scanning it into your computer.

As with written submissions, the copies of your artwork should be emailed to: with any accompanying writing, a short bio, link to your blog/website, and your favourite quote.

If you have any questions get in contact via the same email address.

Happy drawing/painting/creating!