Childhood Abuse · Poetry

Spirit – by Niall Madden

I found the spirit that I needed It lifted me up from my chair. Paused my breathing. It was raw yet frigid, Clawed at my throat. Though it lacked weight This drink helped me float. It flowed in my glass- mirror Image of myself looking back, Fuzzy like my vision, Blurred like my past. To… Continue reading Spirit – by Niall Madden

Anxiety · Depression

Weary – by Jennifer Nichole Wells

I’m so tired she said and he agreed but what he didn’t understand was the tiredness of which she spoke was not for want of sleep © Jennifer Nichole Wells Note from the author: This poem is about anxiety, depression and just the feeling of being completely overwhelmed and not knowing what to do about… Continue reading Weary – by Jennifer Nichole Wells

Anxiety · Depression · Suicide

The Spiral – by Niall Madden

Why try you lie I die at night that mind takes flight a cold dream a grip tight the blame lies the tears fly the screams cry    I sigh    I ask why watch the time tick tick tick stop don’t say this tell me that curled up tight lone falling through cracks what happened to… Continue reading The Spiral – by Niall Madden

Anxiety · Depression · Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Cruel Jailers – by Steve Plowright

Depression or anxiety Which of you holds the key? Are you both my jailers Or are you as one? Feeding like flies on foul-smelling meat, You blood-sucking leeches You cower and cheat! Why don’t you come out with it, Face to Face? Do you want to harm me? Are you trying to protect me? I… Continue reading Cruel Jailers – by Steve Plowright

Art · Depression · photography · Poetry

His Name was Depression – by Jennifer Nichole Wells

At night he crept and only at night he moved in the shadows in the dreams of the young You could never see him straight away, but you knew he was there. He was a force that was felt in every fiber of your being. It starts with an itch, just out of reach, then… Continue reading His Name was Depression – by Jennifer Nichole Wells

Anxiety · Poetry

A Poem to Anxiety – by B. G.

  Dear anxiety, It was me who traveled to New York for Choir It was me who got through high school It was me who graduated college Yet you still try to make me your fool It’s me who has overcome my fears It was me who won that debate in class It is me… Continue reading A Poem to Anxiety – by B. G.


Scars – by Sarah Waters

What to make of scars, so pitiful and weak. Oh, physical scars, how I envy you, those of skin and bone. You can be seen. You scab over, heal, pain ultimately subsides. But oh, the scars of the heart, they’re jagged, deep – I’m amazed my heart still beats. You’re hidden, unseen, with pain that… Continue reading Scars – by Sarah Waters