Anxiety · Generalized Anxiety Disorder

GAD and the Panic Attack by Katie Gloria

Anxiety is an awful emotion to feel, a feeling that cannot be controlled and you are unaware of it creeping up on you. There are so many different levels of anxiety that effect us all at some point over time. From something simple like “oh no I won’t get my homework done in time” to… Continue reading GAD and the Panic Attack by Katie Gloria


The 4 Faces of Memee: Bipolar Me

Hi all, It’s been a long, long while. I have been suffering with bipolar depression in a very extended way lately. Some people who don’t understand bipolar have the misperception that we suffer both the depressive side and the manic side equally. We don’t. Also, we’re all different in our levels of functionality at the… Continue reading The 4 Faces of Memee: Bipolar Me

Bipolar · Depression · Poetry

Stagnation – by B.L. Memee

I cannot move. I cannot stand. I lie and stare and really don’t care. The whispers in my head, get off your butt, you’re hurting yourself, this inaction will only make it worse. I know it’s true. If only I could don’t you think that I really would? I feel frozen in place; I’m stuck… Continue reading Stagnation – by B.L. Memee

Bipolar · Poetry

Mr. Bipolarman – by Dan Curley

  Dear Mr. Bipolarman, You are relentless and attacking. You are always trying to take the people I love away. You don’t stop there. You try to take everything away but there are some things you can’t take away. You can’t take me away. Every time you hit me, knock me down, hurt me, my… Continue reading Mr. Bipolarman – by Dan Curley

Bipolar · Depression · Poetry

When Hopelessness Hits – by B.L. Memee

I’ve spiraled down and now I fear what’s on my plate is a fate I did not anticipate. I thought I had an excellent plan that would keep me from residing in your forsaken land. I was wrong. I could not evade the plans you’d already laid. And now I see it rising before me,… Continue reading When Hopelessness Hits – by B.L. Memee


A Letter to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – by Chad McDonald

Hey there boys, I hate to tell you this but all my friends and family say you have to go. You’ve caused too much chaos in our lives. You’ve ruined my marriages, cost me jobs, alienated me from friends and family, lead me to jail on a few occasions, and even had me hospitalized when… Continue reading A Letter to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – by Chad McDonald