Time to Talk Day 2017


The message behind the story of Letters to the Mind is one of talking, having conversations and expressing our true feelings about mental health so that we can help ourselves and others in the process.

This year, people are logging their conversations with Time to Change and helping the battle against mental health discrimination.

That’s why I want us to join the conversation using this blog. As well as logging your conversation with Time to Change, I would like us to come up with a statement, a sentence or two that is a message to our mental health. If you could say anything to your mental health right now, what would you say?

To Anxiety, I would say this: You are determined to take over my body just when I need you to leave. But I am determined to carry on despite you, and I won’t let you win.

If we get enough, I will put together a post of messages to our mental health, and hopefully this will show us and other people just what we can achieve by talking and addressing our mental health, and how we really feel about it.

To submit your message you can:

  • Comment on this post
  • Email it to: letterstothemind@outlook.com
  • Tweet us @LettersMind and/or use the hashtag #letterstothemind
  • Write a blog post, and link back to this blog

Please spread the word, and share your message this Time to Talk Day.



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