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Lovely Paris – by Dan Curley

Beautiful Paris - by Dan Curley | Letters of the Mind

I’ve made some wonderful friends through the years who suffer from mental illness. Paris is the best. I read her blog and saw she was young with social anxiety and anxiety. She couldn’t love herself because of the illness and found solace in becoming other people. Paris will one day be the greatest actress ever.

I wrote 101 compliments list for her to take out and look at any time she had a bad day. Paris said the world needed more people like me. I put her in one of my horror books. I was too chicken to tell her I put her in the book. She told me she loved it. I continued to write stories for her for a year.

She told me when I dedicate stories to her it makes her feel like it’s a special achievement. I liked making Paris feel special. We connected through things we had in common. We both read into things because of our mental illnesses. We both overthink things. Sometimes for the both of us the simplest task seems impossible. To quote Kevin Garnett ‘Anything is possible.’  We both struggle with sleep.

When I got sick Paris would check in every now and then to make sure I was okay. She cares about me. Paris is a lovely girl and she says I make her happy and smile which makes me happy.

It’s a special friendship.  On my worst of all days I’ll remember to be grateful in what a great friend I have in Paris. She uplifts me and helps me stay positive. We both stand against the tide and that is no small thing. Together as friends I see the best is yet to come.

Here is a song I wrote for Paris:

Paris Song

Paris is so lovely and kind
She’ll be there for you
When you are down and out
She’s always on my mind
Pretty and sweet, she has it all
She’s so smart
Ahead of her time
More lovely and charming
Than Audrey Hepburn
She’s a star in the making
From miles away I make her smile
I write and write for her
To help her when she’s down
In my heart she stays
Forever and ever
She keeps me at peace
She warms my heart
My one and only Paris

© Dan Curley 2016

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“Anything is possible!” – Kevin Garnett

The wonderful photograph was taken by Rodion Kutsaev and acquired through Unsplash. It’s a great source for free photos under the Creative Commons Zero license, so check it out!


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