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Mr. Bipolarman – by Dan Curley

Mr. Bipolarman | Letters to the Mind


Dear Mr. Bipolarman,
You are relentless and attacking.
You are always trying to take the people
I love away.

You don’t stop there.

You try to take everything away
but there are some things
you can’t take away.

You can’t take me away.
Every time you hit me,
knock me down,
hurt me,
my bruises and wounds will heal up.

Maybe it will take a year, but
I will have some great friends
left standing no matter what happens.
It has been proven there are those that
stand true.

I focus on what I have.
I focus on those I love.

There is nothing really to
fear from you Mr. Bipolarman.
After sixteen years I’ve learned
all I need to know about you.

I see you coming now and you can be stopped!

I stopped you last year.
This year has been a great year,
it took a lot of med adjustments
to put you down but you went down.

Mr. Bipolarman, I could have been
sitting in the hospital last November
but after just two-months treatment
I am free to be me.

I have written two books
this year and have never been happier.
What have you got to say
about that Mr. Bipolarman?

There’s one battle you lost!
And you will continue to lose!

You are just a small part of me,
I am not you.
I am me.
I am a loving, kind, beautiful person
and I don’t need you!

“I am not what happened to me I am who I choose to become.” – Carl Jung

© Dan Curley 2016

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