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A Poem to Anxiety – by B. G.

art by daemonkitty1316


Dear anxiety,

It was me who traveled to New York for Choir
It was me who got through high school
It was me who graduated college
Yet you still try to make me your fool

It’s me who has overcome my fears
It was me who won that debate in class

It is me that even though I’ve struggled
Knows that this will pass

Dear anxiety,

I may have let you in at times
But I am strong enough to kick you out
For it’s me who knows that letting you hold me back
Is not what life’s about

You may have made me feel weak
But I know that it’s not true
For I know that deep down
I am stronger than you

Dear anxiety,

Can’t you see that I’ve had enough?
Can’t you see that I want you to go?
I’ve written this for you
In case you didn’t know

But more importantly
I wrote this for me, myself, and I
To remind myself if you try to hurt me
That there’s no reason to cry

*Sometimes we have to get angry at our anxiety, at our obstacles. We have to remind ourselves of all of the things that we’ve accomplished. We have to remember the positive and we have to look negative in the face and choose to ignore it. This is my poem to anxiety, letting it know that I’m stronger than it is and that I can face it head on and win! I’ve accomplished so much and I can’t afford to forget that!

© B.G.,, 2016.

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“Worry does not empty tomorrow of sorrow. It empties today of its strength”- Corrie Ten Boom

Artwork by Daemonkitty1316 at Deviant Art


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